Best of the Week: Pix registration, Unick Forex luxury car auction and new day trade controversy begin

Best of the Week: Pix registration, Unick Forex luxury car auction and new day trade controversy begin

Lost some news? Cointelegraph Brasil remembers that of most important happened this week in the market of cryptomoedas.

The market of cryptomoedas lived one more week of consolidation, but this Thursday the big news was saved for this Friday, with Bitcoin winning again the $ 11,000 and with the expectation that this level is now confirmed as support.

Among the currency reviews, a trader who hit the Bitcoin drop in 2019 now claims that BTC will reach $540,000.

The Bitcoin bullishness was pulled by a number of factors, such as the massive purchase of BTC by payout giant Square, and pulled the bullishness of the other crypto currencies. The second-largest currency, Ether, is now trying again to test the US$395 resistance.

With the weekend coming with the market optimistic, there is the prospect of a possible rally by Monday’s holiday. Despite this, a Bloomberg report that pointed to the market maturing argues that the largest cryptomoeda could take twice as long to reach US$100,000.

The market has also seen further developments of China’s digital currency, which has already begun testing in major provinces, and the US Department of Justice – which is experiencing a political turmoil on the eve of the presidential election – publishing an extensive paper on crypto regulation. Would the world’s two major powers be testing a crypto war?

Pix starts registration and banks fight over CPF and customer phones

The Central Bank’s instant transaction system, Pix, launched registration on the last Monday with more than 600 institutions and has already reached 10 million registered customers, a number that surprised even the Central Bank.

On the same day the registration began, the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, declared „not knowing“ what it was about.

Banks and financial institutions have since started aggressive marketing campaigns to ensure that customers are linked to the most valuable data, CPF number and telephone number.

The system, which goes live in November, „is part of Brazil’s economic recovery,“ according to the president of the Central Bank

In cryptomarket, the week also brought good news. OriginalMy will represent Estonia at a world startups event in Dubai. Another startup has promised to launch a gold and Immediate Bitcoin cashback, while the digital bank Zro Bank has partnered with traditional US and German banks for international shipments with Bitcoin.

Preventive arrest of Atlas CEO and Unick Forex auction

Already in the news involving companies that offered cryptomorphs and defalcated thousands of customers in the country, two of the main references returned to the headlines this week.

Last Wednesday, Atlas Quantum CEO Rodrigo Marques was remanded to custody by one of the groups of investors who were defrauded by the company.

Unick Forex, a pyramid dismantled at the end of 2019, also had unfolded during the week. A series of luxury cars that belonged to the leaders of the scheme were auctioned off by the courts, and Cointelegraph Brasil explained where the money collected goes.

The practice of Day Trade has also returned to controversy. In the most read news of the week in Cointelegraph Brasil, a Brazilian trader was categorical: „he doesn’t even know how to drive a go-kart and wants to drive F-1“.

Finally, in a news published exclusively on Friday, the US issued an arrest warrant for hackers allegedly responsible for the attack on Minerworld.