The ProBit Exchange platform places DeFi at the heart of its strategy

The ProBit Exchange platform places DeFi at the heart of its strategy

If you are passionate about the cryptosphere, you have certainly witnessed the tsunami called decentralized finance (DeFi). Having submerged the cryptocurrency market in a few months, the phenomenon is like a financial jungle where even insiders can hardly find their way around. Don’t panic, however: the Bitcoin Trader exchange platform offers you a professional and secure trading environment , with DeFi projects selected with the greatest attention.

This promotional article was produced in collaboration with ProBit.

A booming DeFi market

Since the start of summer 2020, crypto projects in decentralized finance have all simply exploded . The DeFi market, valued at less than $ 1 billion until February 2020, suddenly attracted envy before reaching an all-time high of more than $ 13.86 billion in crypto-assets, stored in the various existing protocols / dApps / smart contracts.

Total value (in billions of dollars) of cryptocurrencies locked in DeFi projects – Source: DefiPulse
However, with the incredible success of this brand new financial paradigm, many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this windfall to attempt incongruous fundraising. Using Liquidity Mining processes , copy paste of already popular projects, but also scams of all kinds have invaded the ecosystem.

While decentralized exchanges cannot by nature have any control over the tokens made available to users, platforms such as ProBit establish rigorous pre-selections, in order to avoid any disappointment.

ProBit offers you the ideal setting to enjoy DeFi

ProBit Exchange offers you no less than 35 tokens belonging to Decentralized Finance, all selected with the greatest care. LINK , YFI , JST , BAND , FTM projects and many others are thus present.

To easily find all these projects in one click , you also have a tab dedicated to DeFi projects on the ProBit trading interface (top left in the screenshot below).

ProBit platform trading interface, here on the „DeFi“ tab

With more than 800,000 active users every month , ProBit is also one of the safest crypto exchanges in the world. You can also find our full review on ProBit here .